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Thread: Hosting a party in the backyard...

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    Hosting a party in the backyard...

    Howdy, I am glad to be a part of this forum. Next month, we are hosting a hen's party in our house. We have a huge backyard with a patio opening up from our living room.

    It is a barbecue party for our close friends and relatives. Also, we have organized some outdoor activities too. We have a Haliburton cottage model garden shed in the backyard where we use to keep our tools and equipments. Now, it is in a bad condition and is totally damaged by spiders and termites. We bought that shed 10 years back and now I am in need of upgrading it. Since we are hosting an outdoor party I don't want to spoil the look of our backyard with that old shed. I am a DIYer and would love to give the shed a stunning look.

    What are the things to be considered while upgrading it? Is there anything to do with the color of the shed? Also, how should I make it more functional? Share your thoughts and thanks for the time.

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    Wow! This sounds fun.

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